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Find Hope and Support at NA Pakistan’s Drug Treatment Center

NA, a drug treatment center, is a nonprofit society where addicts learn to live a drug-free life. Our mission is to make the lives of all people addicted to drugs peaceful so that they can live their lives happily. Our purpose is to prevent them from wandering around and facing the blows of jail and institutions. We aim to prevent them from developing detrimental thoughts such as suicide, attempting murders, or harming others, which only lead to negative outcomes.

Your path to recovery

We have no concern with your past; our focus is on brightening your future. Our drug treatment center teaches you how to choose the paths that will lead you to your destination. By walking these paths, individuals can learn to forget their past, break the habit of addiction, and smooth the way to their future.

  • Types of treatments and therapies we offer:

Group Meetings

Our drug treatment center conducts meetings where all addicted individuals share their journey. We make sure that no one is judged and instead feel comfortable in these meetings. They learn lessons from the stories and journeys of others and get motivated to leave a thorny life and move towards a comfortable and peaceful life.

Individual Therapy

Our team has individuals who conduct therapy sessions for those who are afraid of judgment or who want to keep their story private. So that they can comfortably and confidently tell about their past & how they want their upcoming journey to be.

The instructors are aware of how isolated addiction can feel at times. Addicts may believe that they are the only ones experiencing this problem so they lack the ability to discuss it with others. The instructors at the drug treatment center provide a secure and friendly environment in which clients can discuss their experiences and receive the assistance they require.

The instructors at our drug treatment center make sure that those addicts are taken out of such a restless stage and brought to a stage where they can create their comfort zone in a crowd of 100 people and free themselves from the chains of addiction.

Tailored Treatments

Individuals have the right to tailor their treatments according to their preferences. They will be respected at all costs. No matter what treatment they choose, we will provide it according to their preferences to ensure their satisfaction. Our drug treatment center only chooses the most effective treatment methods to help you achieve long-term sobriety.

Trip to the North

NA Pakistan, our drug treatment center, organizes free north tours for addicts to refresh their minds without any charge so that they can forget their worries for a while, see the happy side of life and enjoy it, and return to a peaceful life. These tours incorporate activities that keep participants actively engaged. They provide opportunities to meet new people and experience new things. In essence, the tours act as a gateway to a rejuvenating experience, allowing addicts to relax and recharge.

A Safe Haven for Recovery

NA welcomes everyone struggling with addiction, regardless of race, background, or the severity of their condition. It offers a sense of acceptance for those who feel isolated, creating a safe environment and a warm welcome. Whether someone is just starting their recovery journey or has relapsed after years of sobriety, our drug treatment center in Lahore provides the support they need.


NA Pakistan is a non-profit society giving shelter to all those finding peace and home. You don’t have to go through this journey alone, NA Pakistan is your partner in every step you take. Our drug treatment center believes you can overcome your addiction and live a peaceful life.

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